I never get lost, I just discover….. 

 Welcome to the very beginning of my travel journey. 

Best moments & Tips

Sharing with you some of my best moments and the randomest stories and tips. I hope you can find something to take with you 😉 Come and find the small travel joys with me. It could be flights, hotels, new culture, new friends, new food, a simple family break, adventurous solo trips, girls trip, travel accessories and so much more...

Some gadgets, accessories and bits

There are some bits and bobs that I have found, that make my travels a little bit easier and sometimes a lot cooler. This is from smalll gadgets to different accessories. Have a quick look!

'SOME' of my best moments

I can't even put down all the encredible memories I have created in different places so I will share snippets with you. Check it out

BUDGET! It's not everyday spend big!

Sometimes you need a nice break but the money is not making sense. In such situations, this is what I do....follow me

Random pictures I like...

Take a look at some of my moments captured in different places