About me….

Firstly I have to say thank you for dropping by my page. I love travelling and experiencing new things and I have always promised myself that I would do a lot more travelling whilst still on this earth. Due to life and it’s different commitments and surprises, I was not able to start travelling earlier. Originally I am a Zimbabwean born lady and I moved to the UK at the age of 9years old. Soon as I became 18, I kept travelling back to Zimbabwe by myself. My parents were not keen at first but they gave in hehehe….

After completing you, job hunting started and I just never got the chance or money to visit more places but one thing I enjoying and still love to this day is a good old roadtrip. I just love a road trip! 

Just before Covid-19 hit the globe, I said to myself I would leave my permenant job, do my self-employment with my theatre work which would allow me to travel. It was a done deal! I had a few self-employment contracts ready to start for April so February I handed in my notice to my permenant job. March I started to prepare, then……COVID took, all my contracts to start April were put on hold. It was laughable…. I could go back to my old job but it took a lot to leave so I had to go by the saying ‘It is what it is’

Anyway during lockdown a lot more took place for the entire planet I guess. It changed my perspective on life, people, experiences etc. Here I am now ready to take more trips and experiences the beautiful places, different cultures and people that God blessed this earth with. I hope I will be able to document even the smaller roadtrips and I hope you will join me in my travels 🙂