12 Tips when travelling alone

Here are some of the tips to consider before travelling alone. YOU CAN DO IT!

  1. Do a bit of reading or research on the country you will be travelling to.

This could be on TikTok, YouTube or Google just find information and reviews from other people that have gone to that country. This is for safety and just being aware and having some form of knowledge and preparation before your travels. Alongside the research that you did, use your first day to scope the land, have a walk around to identify the restaurants, the people, emergency places such as police centre and the hospital.

  1. Speak to the locals and other tourists/visitors! 😊

Don’t be afraid to speak to new people and make new friends. This could be at the hotel that you staying at or at the beach or wherever. They could hint you on places to avoid and amazing gems to visit. You could even do some excursions together or join them for a local festival.

  1. Do not be too trusting :/

You are in a foreign place, they have different culture, language, ways of life and a different outlook on life. Even if it’s a woman that you are speaking to or a child or just someone that seems very safe, you should always have your guard up. Be friendly but put boundaries in place. Never go into places hidden from the public. If you meet a new person do not go to their house, do not go to their friends’ house that is secluded from a public place unless you’re going there with a group of other tourists or people that you know.  Just exchange socials and do public excursions together. Key thing, no matter how safe or harmless they appear, set boundaries!

  1. Keep your ID with you always.

Whenever you leave your hotel, make sure you carry a card/paper which states which hotel or resort you are staying in. If you are leaving your resort or leaving your hotel make sure you have the address and contact number for that hotel that you are staying. Keep this in phone and on a paper in case your battery dies.

                   5. EXPLORE!

Even if you enjoy just reading a book by the pool or just sitting by the beach looking at the waves, still try and make time to experience a bit of the culture even if it’s just speaking to a few of the local people or if it’s trying their local cuisine or just engaging in any activity that can just help you to learn that one extra thing that you didn’t know before your holiday. It’s part of the adventure.

6.     Do not tell people that you’re travelling alone, don’t do it!

When in conversation with new people it’s easy to feel comfortable and share that you are alone. This puts you in many possible dangers. You could say, you have friends travelling in that evening and joining on the trip. Just do not say that you’re alone as you just do not know who is who and what is happening, you’re in a totally new place. If anything, try and hint that there is possibly other people that are with you…. Maybe they have gone out or they are at the hotel.

7.     Before travelling, share your itinerary with trusted family or friends!

It’s really important to share your travel itinerary with your trusted family or friends in your home country before you travel. This includes your insurance details. Your accommodation details including address and contact number for that place as well as your flight details and if you can also let them know your planned activities but if you haven’t sorted that out yet you can try and update them on a daily basis of what you’ll be doing on that day this is very very very necessary.

8.     Carry only necessary things on daily travels.

If you’re venturing out and going on some excursions, avoid taking your most valuable things. Take with you a few things, some money, your phone, a form of ID, e.g. driving licence and a copy of your passport. Leave your main passport secure at the hotel. Try travel with non-expensive things and keep your valuables in your sight, keep your bag where you can see it and do not get too comfortable to just leave it anywhere. New people can seem very friendly to you as a foreigner but in all places there are always some bad apples so watch out.


9. Get travel insurance

I once got Covid-19 whilst abroad and that insurance made a difference! if you are leaving your home country to a new place you can never be too safe so it’s always best to get travel insurance. You could have your valuables lost or stolen, miss your flights or fall sick. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive but just covering some of the few things at least. I normally go on these 2 websites, compare prices and do a little reading to ensure it covers the most important.

10. Do not be reckless please!

If you are travelling alone do not be reckless, keep it in mind that it is only you that’s going to look after yourself and you have to be at your best behaviour.

  • Don’t engage in drugs
  • Don’t drink too much, even if you think you have responsible NEW friends that will look after you
  • Pay attention to your surroundings, this includes people walking by, people sitting around and the shops around
  • If at all you feel unsafe make sure you go into a public place whether it’s a restaurant or or a shop

11. Learn a few words from the local language.

It might not seem like it’s important or necessary but it’s always good to learn simple things like Hi, Thank you, Can I have…., Where is…., and sorry I cannot speak…… It makes a difference to the locals around you if they see that you’ve at least made effort to know one of their simplest forms of interaction.

12. Take pictures and Videos

Do not spend your whole holiday behind the camera but certainly don’t forget to capture some moments. Your family and friends back home will appreciate seeing some of the things you saw and you will also enjoy looking back at these memories.

Travelling solo is the most
beautiful, eye opening, life teaching and liberating feeling so enjoy it. Don’t
let small unpleasant moments and minor hiccups take away from what could be a
really beautiful trip. Don’t be afraid to speak to people and learn about
people, learn about the country, learn about the foods, just indulge in it all
and make the most of it. Make sure you find some time just for yourself to sit
reflect and just breathe whilst you’re there, HAVE FUN!

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